Barcelona, November 2013

Text: Creative Director Marcel Baer

This project started with my family album. Images of my father Kurt in his late 20s, working on the high sea surrounded by the wind and the waves. Black and white memories of him deep sea diving and exploring the unknown. The sea was his passion and his stories were full of adventures. From my Spanish grandmother, Marieta, I have inherited hundreds of hours of Super 8 footage, documenting her family trips in the early '60s. The jet-age was just about to the change the world, and we see them traveling along the Mediterranean coast from Rome to Athens, Beirut until Tel Aviv... idyllic captions of a time long past.

I was born in Zurich, and even though I spent all my summers at my grandparents in the South of Spain, I never thought that I’d be living in Barcelona one day. It happened by coincidence, and it felt right, because it felt like home. As an independant Art Director and Graphic Designer at Studio Marcel Baer, I have always been obsessed with stationery products. There is something magical about writing for the first time in a blank notebook, thinking about the stories that will unfold on the paper. With the inherited passion for the sea, history, traveling and the Mediterranean, I wanted to create a new kind of stationery that combined all these elements.

Of course, it had to be beautifully designed, produced of the highest possible quality and in collaboration with carefully selected providers, artisans and creatives. This was and is the idea behind OCTAEVO. I hope you enjoy it and will join us on our journey.