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An Ode to Rituals

An Ode to Rituals

Nothing is more comforting in early Autumn than spending long nights by the fireplace, or in the kitchen refining family recipes.

The new ceramic Templo candle holders will welcome you with warmth: mix and match our selection of colours and textures for a relaxing and playful feel.

Wrap the braided Sicilia ceramic rings with seasonal flowers, leaves and foliage. Fashioned to hang on a wall, door or sit on a table, they are the perfect decoration for the festive season. Alternatively use them as a trivet to protect your table from the heat of hot pots and sizzling pans. 

Make restorative rituals a top priority. We all deserve a bit of joy, especially through these tumultuous times. 

Stay positive, stay happy!

Founder & Creative Director


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