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Riviera Paper Vases

OCTAEVO’s iconic paper vases are coming now in new shapes and prints for you to explore and, more importantly, enjoy. 

Be bold, wild and wonderful! The new “Riviera Paper Vases” are all about expression, positive vibes and serve as the uplifting design statement your home needs. 

The starting point for the new, happy Riviera Paper Vase collection? An adoration of ‘60s décor, its breathtakingly use of vivid colours and alluring shapes. 

Bright pink and even brighter tangerine with aqua accents transcend positive energy and optimism, while delicate lines in gold add a sophisticated touch that will make every design aficionado swoon. 

Handmade entirely in water resistant paper, the vases present a new way to arrange flowers and apply an added functionality through their possibility to recycle plastic. Simply open the paper vase by gently pushing in the edges and slip it over a plastic bottle. Et voilà! 

Place the vase on the dining table, in a windowsill or side table for a characterful design object that is unique in both its function and expression – and that pays homage to the most stylish decade ever. 


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