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OCTAEVO by Olga de la Iglesia

OCTAEVO by Olga de la Iglesia

We invited several artists from different disciplines to share their unique vision of OCTAEVO through their creativity and are proud to present the first collaboration with artist and photographer Olga de la Iglesia. De la Iglesia's work explores fashion through colors, merging the language of fashion with a documentary approach. Her work aims to blur the lines between the set and real life, and her projects usually delve into the relationship between colors and emotion. Olga lives between Barcelona and New York. Her editorial clients include Vogue Italy, Purple Travel Magazine, Monocle and ID.

Olga de la Iglesia

How would you define your artistic style?

My work explores the boundaries between fashion and documentary photography. In my images these two languages merge to generate visual narratives that, through colors and shapes, maintain a close connection with social structures. My source of inspiration is humanity in all its facets, from the everyday objects we use to the places where we live and interact. My work aims to blur the lines between the set and real life. My work is also based on the study of colors and their direct connection with emotions, in my works colors become objects and people become colors.

What is your creative approach when facing new projects?

It depends on the client and the freedom they give to me, but I try to listen what clients want to say and try to match it with my vision. After that I like to take my time to build the images in my mind and to do small drawings, sketches and research about the different possibilities to create strong images. 


"I love to work with different teams around the world and experience what each individual can bring from their personalities to the set."


Where do you get your inspiration from?

From people, and streets, to what happens spontaneously inside of us and outside. Human life is complex and easy at the same time, the duality that comes from the mind and heart inspires me.

What is the importance of experimentation and colour in your life, and how do you integrate it into your work?

I believe that experimenting with materials and colors is very nutritious, it comes very intuitive to me during the process of creating. I like to see how colors and shapes work together in the moment, they become solid in front of my eyes which leads to final image. 

What is the biggest creative risk you’ve taken in your career?

Working with vibrant colors. I feel that the industries managing the world are too black or too gray, colors are sometimes too loud for the system.

How do you balance work and personal life?

After years of being a freelance photographer, I have understood that all experiences help me to find this balance. I therefore try to do things that feed both my work and personal life at the same time such as yoga, meditation, spending time with friends, taking a walk in the nature but also doing therapy, reading about things that I don’t know yet and that I would like to learn. 


"If someone asks me “Where are you from?”, the only answer would be The Mediterranean. I really feel that I belong to this sea, these rocks, these pines and this wind."

Olga de la Iglesia

Your best kept Mediterranean secret? My grand parents have a house in “Aigua Xelida”, a small “cala” in the Costa Brava - it holds all my secrets.

A thing you can’t live without while working on a project: Music. Music leads you directly to emotions.

Currently obsessed with: Quantum physics.

Three greatest influences: Nature, Africa, Buddhism.

Favorite space to work: A house full of inspirational books.

If you weren’t a photographer, you’d be: Gardener or psychologist.

Current music album on repeat: H Hunt - Playing piano for Dad. 

Instagram: @olgadelaiglesia

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