Barcelona, August 2014

Katrin T.

Since OCTAEVO was just a twinkle in our eye, we’ve known that a core part of its essence is bringing people together. Food means a lot to us: It's part of OCTAEVO’s DNA and we love to share our passion. Oh, and it goes without saying that our notebooks are the perfect place to write down recipes.

By nature, our first dinner had to encapsulate the OCTAEVO spirit: It was born to be a Mediterranean night, and to spice things up a little more we decided to cook with our guests. We teamed up with Juanma from the La Patente cooking workshop. La Patente opened about a year ago and offers custom-made, contemporary cooking classes for individuals, groups and also hosts events.

A good dinner starts long before the night and appetite arrive. Each guest received a handwritten invitation with calligraphy by Joanca Casasin, whose work unites beauty and craft. Watching him effortlessly craft each letter using the finest ink is an eye-opening experience.

La Patente's contemporary minimal space was given OCTAEVO’s personal touch through antique flower vases and other vintage pieces from our favorite online shop Alquián. Its charming owners Joan and David collect and sell unique retro pieces with flair and will soon be opening a new online shop dedicated to vintage paper. We can’t wait!

Those that know us know that we’re crazy about flowers. Manuela from Gang and the Wool shares our love of petals and stems, and put together the perfect floral arrangements. From her greenhouse, nestled in the Vallcarca mountains she creates personalized haute couture floral decorations, inspired and blended from what nature provides. The floral embodiment of our evening conjured soft green tones of olive branches and wild leaves in combination with bright, citric lemons.

A Mediterranean dinner without wine is like summer without sunshine! Casa Mariol served us a first class selection of red and white wines to enjoy with the meal, and a classic Vermut aperitif. We weren’t the first to sample such delights: Picasso famously enjoyed the area of Batea in the south of Catalonia where Casa Mariol has long distilled the finest Mediterranean drops.

Our chef Manel Guirado started the night with a sumptuous fresh potato salad from Malaga, followed by a hearty Moroccan lamb tagine and couscous, and rounded off with delicious Sicilian cannoli - to name just a few of the creations. Together, we all embarked on an ambitious culinary odyssey from one corner of the Mediterranean to the other, mixing flavors and ingredients. From light and fresh, to spicy and savory, to bitter sweet, it’s fair to say we explored the diversity of the Mediterranean kitchen.

Soprano Natalia Perez was our surprise of the night. It was an honor to listen to her flawless voice fill the room with the atmosphere of a Sicilian romance. After feasting on the results of this gastronomic voyage, the night floated into a pleasurably relaxed conversation over a last glass of wine.

Many thanks to all our guests and collaborators at the OCTAEVO summer dinner at La Patente. Your support and charming attendance made it a warm, wonderful and unforgettable night. The culinary journey continues…